SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Snippets scPaymentMethods

The scPaymentMethods snippet is used for listing the different payment methods that are available for an order. It is included in the scCheckoutForm chunk.

Standard Usage



The following properties are available on this snippet.


Default: paymentMethod

The name of the POST parameter that contains the payment method ID.


Default: scPaymentMethod

The name of a chunk to display each of the delivery methods with. See the default chunk here.

The available placeholders include:

  • [[]] the ID of the method.
  • [[]] the name of the delivery method, not to be confused with…
  • [[+method.title]] the translated title of the delivery method.
  • [[+method.idx]] the order of the delivery method (in the database, not necessarily the current result set).
  • [[+method.description]] the translated description for the methos.
  • [[+method.selected]] either empty or the string selected to indicate the current item should be selected. This is based on the &selected or &selectedFirst properties.
  • [[+method.paymentKey]] contains the value of the &paymentKey property.
  • [[+method.addContent]] may contain additional content as dictated by the method.
  • [[+method.price_add]] contains the additional costs involved with the method.


Comma separated list of method IDs to limit the results to.


The ID of a method to mark as selected.


Default: true

Indicates if the first item should be selected by default.


Default: \n


Default: method.


When the ID of a delivery method is provided, the available payment methods will be restricted to those connected with that delivery method.