Open Source Extras ClientConfig Settings

ClientConfig has a few settings that allow you to change its behaviour. These are available under System > System Settings in the clientconfig namespace.

Admin Groups (clientconfig.admin_groups)

A comma separated list of user groups that are authorized to access the admin area of ClientConfig where the groups and fields can be set up.

Clear Cache (clientconfig.clear_cache)

When enabled, the MODX Resource cache will be cleared whenever a change is made to the values in ClientConfig.

Context Aware (clientconfig.context_aware)

When enabled you can store values for each context, instead of only global values. See Multiple Contexts

Vertical Tabs (clientconfig.vertical_tabs)

Enable to use a TV-like vertical tab system instead of horizontal tabs for the groups.

Google Fonts API Key (clientconfig.google_fonts_api_key)

When using the Google Font List field type, you’ll need to set up an API Key to use here.