ConsentFriend v1 Installation

The MODX installer should install the package automatically from the modmore repository.

A custom manager page called ConsentFriend is installed within the Extras menu.

There are some system settings available in the namespace ConsentFriend. These can also be edited in the settings (gear icon) tab of the ConsentFriend custom manager page.

Prepare the website

After the installation on an existing website, you have to identify the used external services like Google Analytics, Matomo, Google Fonts etc. If those services are referenced at the end of the head or the body section, you could edit an existing service or create a new service and use the found code in the code tab. ConsentFriend will do the needed code changes for the consent management window.

If you use inline code for external services, you have to modify it on your own.

Enable the consent management window

After the preparation you have to enable ConsentFriend with the consentfriend.enable system setting. Then the consent management window will be shown in the frontend. A context, a user or a usergroup setting would supersede this system setting and can be used too.