Commerce Commerce 1.x Product Catalog Minimal

With a (very) minimal catalog, the products store in Commerce are the catalog. This gives you very little features in terms of providing additional information, but that’s why it’s called the minimal catalog.


  • Product management is in a single place
  • Best for shops with only one or very few products.


  • (Alpha) No snippets available yet to load product information into your frontend.
  • Only the basic fields (SKU, name, description, price, weight) are available per product, unless you add something else and connect the products manually.


For the minimal product catalog, you’ll create your product records in Commerce > Products as standard products. You can use a TVs to select the product or enter the product ID directly.

You can also use the get_products and get_product snippets with the minimal catalog to show product information.

Add to cart form

See Add to Cart Form.