Commerce v1 Modules

Commerce uses Modules to provide most functionality and features.

Many modules are shipped with the core Commerce package, requiring no further install, but third party modules are also available offering different payment providers, shipping partners, communication-related integrations or other features.

In this section of the documentation you'll find information about all modules that are available from modmore. Third party modules may be missing from the list, while we encourage third party developers to submit documentation to this site we can not force them to do so, and in some cases we may not accept these contributions until we have had a chance to review the module itself.

Choose one of the following categories to see the matching modules:

  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Communication
  • Taxes
  • Other

Note: not all the modules are actually be exposed as modules in the Commerce admin area. For example payment providers and shipping integrations that are provided with the Commerce package are not shown as modules, instead they are just available when creating a payment or shipping method.