Redactor Redactor 3.x Shortcodes

Shortcodes allow you to set the block-level element without using the keyboard. It’s a great companion to air mode and a power-user feature to keep typing without needing to use the mouse to select formatting options.

To use a shortcode, start typing the shortcode at the start of an empty line. Redactor will recognise the shortcode and adjust the formatting right away.

The following shortcodes are recognised:

  • p. for a paragraph
  • quote. for a blockquote
  • pre. for a code block
  • h1. for a heading level 1
  • h2. for a heading level 2
  • h3. for a heading level 3
  • h4. for a heading level 4
  • h5. for a heading level 5
  • h6. for a heading level 6
  • *. for an unordered list

Make sure to combine the use of shortcodes with the available keyboard shortcuts.