SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Frontend Checkout Order and Delivery Addresses

Within SimpleCart you have the ability to use multiple addresses for the order itself and the delivery.

Checkout form setup

To request the additional delivery address, you’ll need to add some fields to the same checkout form. These fields typically use a prefix delivery_, so you get delivery_firstname, delivery_lastname, delivery_street, delivery_number and so on.

As SimpleCart doesn’t know what these fields are out of the box, you need to add them to the field mapping on the FormIt call.

Mapping the address fields

Without mapping the address fields, SimpleCart will treat new fields as custom order fields.

In the default checkout form (discussed here), it uses two address fields which are mapped to a different field already. These are street and number, and the mapping for that looks like this:


As you can see, in this mapping parameter the fields “street” and “number” are mapped to SimpleCarts “address1” and “address2” fields. Multiple form fields can be separated by a comma.

Mapping multiple checkout form fields into one SimpleCart field is also possible by adding additional fields after a colon, for example address1:street:number. Each field will be added separated by a space.

The mapping key for the delivery address is done the same way, but with &deliveryAddress. For example:


In this delivery mapping you need to map every single delivery field.

Available address fields

Below a list of all available address fields in SimpleCart which can be used in your checkout form.

  • salutation Used to store the salutation of the customer
  • name Used to store a fullname of the customer (required if not using firstname and lastname)
  • firstname Used to store the firstname of the customer (required if not using fullname)
  • lastname Can be used to store the lastname of the customer
  • company Can be used to store the company name in
  • address1 A mixed field for the first address line of the customer (required)
  • address2 A mixed field for the second address line of the customer
  • address3 A mixed field for the second address line of the customer
  • zip Use this field to store the zip/postal code of the customer (required)
  • city Use this field to store the city name of the customer (required)
  • state Can be used to store the customers state or province name
  • country Use this field to store the customers country name (or code) in
  • phone The general phone number field
  • mobile An optional mobile phone number field
  • email The customers email address field (required)

Conditional validation

For use cases where you have a checkbox to allow a user to enter a different delivery address, you’ll need a conditional validator. You can find a custom requiredIf validator here, to use that add it to MODX as a snippet.

Here’s an example of how you would use the requiredIf validator to only validate delivery fields if a checkbox use_delivery_address has a non-empty value.