Redactor Redactor 3.x Feature Configuration Image Styles

With the Image Styles option (located under Media in the configurator), you can easily add a selection of classes that can be added to an image.

The option requires a valid JSON structure, where an outer array contains objects with the keys value (containing the name of the class to add) and label (with a user-friendly name of the image style).

For example, to add a “polaroid” class to an image:

        "value": "polaroid",
        "label": "Polaroid Photo"

(To make it affect the way an image is shown in the editor as well, you’ll need to register a custom CSS file).

When the use of figure tags is enabled (also on the Media tab in the configurator), the class will be added to the wrapping <figure> tag for an image. When figure is disabled, or the figure tag could not be found, it will be added to the <img> tag instead.

When selecting a style for an image, all other styles are removed automatically.