Commerce Commerce 1.x Modules & Extensions Cart Minimum Order Amount

With the Minimum Order Amount, customers cannot checkout until their order total is at least a configured amount. In many webshops you do not want this restriction, but perhaps you run a pizza delivery that only starts delivering at €15.

Added in v0.6.


  • minimum_amount The minimum order total to allow the order. This is the “final” total, which may or may not include taxes, shipping, payment method fees, or discounts.

Template changes

The module prevents continuing into the checkout, but does not automatically change the checkout button. You can implement such a check, to show a notice when the minimum isn’t reached, in the frontend/checkout/cart.twig template.

For example, this would only show the checkout button if at least €15 is in the cart:

{% if >= 1500 %}
    <form method="POST" action="{{ current_url }}" class="c-submit">
        <input type="hidden" name="checkout" value="1">
        <button class="c-button c-primary-button" type="submit">{{ lex('commerce.checkout') }}</button>
{% else %}
    <p class="not-enough">Please order at least €15 worth of products.</p>
{% endif %}