ContentBlocks ContentBlocks 1.x Custom Inputs Available Third Party Input Types

Interested in using more than just the built in input types? This page contains a list of the input types you can install that we know off. Know of any others? Let us know!

oEmbed Input

Developed by us here at modmore, the oEmbed Input can be installed via the package provider as a free package. It was first released on April 26th 2014.

The oEmbed Input Type allows you to embed content from a few dozen oEmbed-enabled content providers, by simply pasting in the link to the content. By making use of the web service, you have instant embed-ability for close to 50 content providers, varying from YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify, to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Amazon and many more.

The oEmbed Input is licensed as MIT and available on Github.

Blockdown (by John-Paul DeVries)

Developed by our own John-Paul, Blockdown brings Markdown to ContentBlocks. It uses EpicEditor and the ParseDown PHP library. Blockdown can be installed from the Package Provider (under Free Extras > ContentBlocks) and is also available from github.

cbClassSelect Input (by Ben Butler)

Intended for using with the Repeater input, Ben Butler created a Class Select input type for ContentBlocks. It is available from Github.

resourceSelectInput (by Alex Herling)

Need to select a resource within a specific parent? Alex Herling has you covered with the resourceSelectInput available from Github.

Font Awesome Select

Written by Yee Jee Tso, this input type will allow the client to select a font awesome icon. Available from Github.