Redactor Redactor 2.x Undo/Redo Buttons Plugin

If you’d like to add undo/redo buttons to the Redactor toolbar, you can use the plugin below to do so.

Copy/paste the contents below into a javascript file, for example assets/components/redactor/plugins/bufferbuttons.js.

if (!RedactorPlugins) var RedactorPlugins = {};

RedactorPlugins.bufferbuttons = function()
    return {
        init: function()
            var undo = this.button.addFirst('undo', 'Undo');
            var redo = this.button.addAfter('undo', 'redo', 'Redo');

            this.button.addCallback(undo, this.buffer.undo);
            this.button.addCallback(redo, this.buffer.redo);

Next, add the plugin to the redactor.additionalPlugins system setting. This follows the format pluginname:path/to/file.js, so with the example above you would add: