Commerce Commerce 1.x Orders Transactions

Each order can have multiple transactions connected to it. These include successful, but also failed transactions.

Transactions are created when the customer chooses a payment method in the checkout. The transaction will initiatially have a state of new, but will soon be set to processing (when the customer is redirected off-site to complete the payment) or completed, when it’s done.

If a transaction failed or was cancelled, more information about what happened is available by viewing the transaction information in the merchant dashboard.

  1. First locate the order on the Orders tab
  2. Choose View Details in the actions menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom to the Transactions table
  4. Click View Transaction Details in the actions menu

The modal window that appears contains all information about the transaction, including a possible error message or user cancellation.

Exporting Transactions

There’s a report available, under Reports > Financial in the merchant dashboard, to export a CSV, XML or JSON file containing all transactions during a certain timeframe.