Commerce Commerce 1.x Snippets render taxed price

The commerce.render_taxed_price snippet will render a products’ price taking into account the customers’ (expected) address, taxes, and global discounts.

If you only need a rendered product price, the price_rendered placeholder available on all products is typically sufficient. The render_taxed_price snippet would be used, for example, when you manage product prices exclusive of taxes, but need to show the price inclusive of taxes on the website.

Added in Commerce 1.0.0-rc4.

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The render_taxed_price snippet loads the current order and prepares an order item for the provided product to ensure the calculation is exactly the same as it would be in the cart.

The snippet does not actually add the product to the order however, so certain discounts/price types may not be 100% the same, especially things like quantity-pricing (see render_quantity_price) or restrictions based on order totals.


This snippet should typically be called uncached, as its output may depend on customer information and can be different between requests.

For the Products List TV:

[[!commerce.render_taxed_price? &product=`[[*products]]`]]

With resource products:

[[!commerce.render_taxed_price? &product=`[[commerce.get_resource_product_id]]`]]


  • &product: the ID of the product to get the quantity prices for. This can be a comma or double-pipe (||) separated list, in which case the price for the first existing product will be shown.

No other properties are currently available. The price is formatted by the current currency (commerce.currency system/context setting) and parsed through the frontend/price.twig twig template with only the current price.