SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Frontend Checkout Custom Order Fields

With custom order fields you can add arbitrary information to an order. SimpleCart will automatically store any submitted values it doesn’t know as a custom order field.

To give an example, you might add something like this to the Checkout form:

    <label>Your reference:</label>
    <input type="text" name="reference" value="[[!+fi.reference]]">

When the customer checks out, they will fill in that value, and it will be stored with the order.

Custom fields in Emails

In emails you can access the custom fields with the [[+name_of_custom_field]] placeholder, for example like this for the sample above:

[[+reference:notempty=`<p><strong>Your reference:</strong> [[+reference:htmlent]]`]]

Custom fields on My Orders page

When you have a My Orders page page where the user can look back previous orders, you can access custom fields through the [[+order.name_of_custom_field]] placeholder, for example [[+order.reference:htmlent]].

Ignoring fields

All form fields that are submitted but not recognised as core or mapped fields will be stored as a custom order field. If there are fields you do not wish to store with the order, you can add it to the &excludeFields property on the FormIt snippet. This can be a comma separated list. For example: