Commerce Commerce 1.x Snippets render quantity price

With the commerce.render_quantity_price snippet you can render a pricing table for the Quantity-based Price Type introduced in Commerce 1.0.

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For the Products List TV:

[[commerce.render_quantity_price? &product=`[[*products]]`]]

With resource products:

[[commerce.render_quantity_price? &product=`[[commerce.get_resource_product_id]]`]]


  • &product: the ID of the product to get the quantity prices for. This can be a comma or double-pipe (||) separated list, in which case the prices for the first existing product will be shown.
  • &tpl: the path/name of a Twig template to use for the actual rendering. Defaults to frontend/pricetypes/quantity.twig, see below.


The default template outputs a table if at least 1 quantity bracket is set, and an empty result if not.

{% if prices|length > 0 %}
    <table class="table c-quantity-price__container">
            <th class="c-quantity-price__header c-quantity-price__header_quantity">{{ lex('commerce.quantity') }}</th>
            <th class="c-quantity-price__header c-quantity-price__header_price">{{ lex('commerce.price') }}</th>
            <th class="c-quantity-price__header c-quantity-price__header_savings">{# Savings #}</th>
        {% for price in prices %}
            <td class="c-quantity-price c-quantity-price__quantity">
                {{ price.min }}
                {%- if price.max > 0 -%}
                    &ndash;{{ price.max }}
                {%- else -%}
                {%- endif -%}
            <td class="c-quantity-price c-quantity-price_price">{{ price.price_formatted }}</td>
            <td class="c-quantity-price c-quantity-price_percentage">&dash;{{ price.discount_percentage }}%</td>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

The following placeholders are available for each quantity bracket (the example values assume a £12.50 regular price):

  • min => int 2
  • max => int 5
  • amount => int 1150
  • price => int 1150
  • price_formatted => string £11.50
  • discount => int 100
  • discount_formatted => string £1.00
  • discount_percentage => string 8

The product information is also available through {{ product.FIELD }}.

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