DigitalSignage v1 Configuration

When installing DigitalSignage, most configuration is automatically set up for you. For advanced uses, there are a few things you can tweak.

System Settings

  • digitalsignage.context The key of the Digital Signage context.
  • digitalsignage.export_resource The ID of Home resource within the Digital Signage context.
  • digitalsignage.request_resource The ID of Export resource within the Digital Signage context.
  • digitalsignage.templates Comma delimited list of Digital Signage templates.
  • digitalsignage.auto_create_sync Automatically synchronize when no data is available.
  • digitalsignage.media_source The media source that is used for media files.
  • digitalsignage.request_param_broadcast GET-parameter to identify the broadcast.
  • digitalsignage.request_param_player GET-parameter to identify the player.