Redactor v3 Shortcuts

Redactor comes with the following built-in shortcuts.

Editor shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Clear inline formatting ctrl+shift+m meta+shift+m
Toggle bold style ctrl+b meta+b
Toggle italics style ctrl+i meta+i
Toggle underline style ctrl+u meta+u
Toggle <sup> style ctrl+h meta+h
Toggle <sub> style ctrl+l (lowercase L) meta+l
Toggle heading level 1 ctrl+alt+1 meta+alt+1
Toggle heading level 2 ctrl+alt+2 meta+alt+2
Toggle heading level 3 ctrl+alt+3 meta+alt+3
Toggle heading level 4 ctrl+alt+4 meta+alt+4
Toggle heading level 5 ctrl+alt+5 meta+alt+5
Toggle heading level 6 ctrl+alt+6 meta+alt+6
Toggle ordered list ctrl+shift+7 meta+shift+7
Toggle unordered list ctrl+shift+8 meta+shift+8
Insert hard tab (\t) shift+tab shift+tab
Indent list item tab, ctrl+] tab, meta+]
Outdent list item shift+tab (in list), ctrl+[ shift+tab (in list), meta+[

Configurator shortcuts

In the configuration set configurator:

Action Windows Mac
Save the configuration set ctrl+s meta+s
Export the configuration set ctrl+e meta+e