SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Snippets scCartUpdate

The scCartUpdate snippet is used in the scCart Chunk and handles making changes to the cart, such as changing the quantity or removing a product from the cart completely. For adding products to the cart the scAddProduct snippet is used.

Standard Usage



The following properties are available on the snippet.


Default: updatecart

The name of a POST parameter that needs to be present for the snippet to execute and update the cart.


Default: quantity

The name of a POST parameter that contains the (updated) number of items for a product.


Default: remove

The name of a POST parameter that indicates the product should be removed from the cart.


Default: none

The ID of a resource to redirect to after the cart is updated. Typically not set, so the cart redirects back to itself.


Default: http

The scheme to use when generating the link to the resource specified in &redirectTo.