SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Snippets scCouponCode

The scCouponCode snippet is used in the scCart Chunk and handles validating and showing a coupon code that has been applied.

Standard Usage




Default: couponcode

The name of a POST parameter that needs to be present for the snippet to validate a coupon code.


Default: coupon

The key of a URL parameter. When its value is remove, the applied coupon code will be removed from the cart. The actionKey may also have a value that indicates an error (notexists, totaltoolow, expired or failed) in which case an error is available in the formTpl.


Default: scCouponForm

The name of a chunk to use as the form for the coupons. This form allows the user to enter and validate a coupon code. See the default scCouponForm Chunk. available placehold

The available placeholders in this chunk are:

  • [[+coupon.error.activate]]: contains a (translated) error message for when there was an issue with validating the coupon code.


Default: scCouponResult

The name of a chunk that shows a valid, applied coupon code. See the default scCouponResult Chunk.

The available placeholders in this chunk are:

  • [[+coupon.actionKey]]: the value of the &actionKey property, which is used for creating a remove link for the coupon code.
  • [[+coupon.code]]: the coupon code itself.
  • [[+coupon.expires]]: a unix time stamp for when the applied coupon code is set to expire.
  • [[]]: the discount attributed to the cart by the coupon code.
  • [[+coupon.discount_formatted]]: the formatted value of the applied discount.
  • [[+coupon.percent]]: the discount as a percentage of the cart total.


A resource ID to redirect the user to after applying a coupon code. Leave empty to redirect back to the cart.


Default: http

The scheme to use when generating the URL for the redirectTo resource.


Default: coupon.

A prefix for the placeholders set by this snippet.


Default: \n (linebreak)