Commerce v1 Statuses Email Action

The Email Status Change Action is used to send an email when the status change is processed. It can send both to a specific email address (e.g. the merchant), or an email address specified on the order.

This action does not handle the actual email sending, instead it creates an Order Message of type email and triggers a send on that.


The following options are available when creating or updating an Email status change action.

  • Subject: the email subject, can include the placeholders mentioned below.
  • From: the email address to be used as the "From" address. Make sure your server and MODX is configured properly so it can send from this address.
  • Recipient: leave empty to send to the email address specified on the order billing address. Set to a specific email address to send it to them.
  • Content: the actual email content to send. This can contain HTML and the placeholders mentioned below.


The subject and content can contain placeholders as described for Order Messages (email type).