Commerce Commerce 1.x Developer Order Fields

In Commere 0.12 we introduced a new Order Fields concept. These are values stored with an order, of a specific type.

These order fields are handled by modules.

A simple example of adding an order field:

$fld = new \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\Text($this->commerce, 'some_key', 'My Value');


Each field needs the following properties in the constructor:

  • The \Commerce instance
  • The name (key) of the field
  • The value of the field, which could be different things depending on the type of field.

When calling $order->setOrderField, if a field with the same name (key) was already added, its value will be overwritten by what you’ve provided.

To remove an order field, call $order->removeOrderField($name).

To get an existing order field, call $order->getOrderField($name). Alternatively, $order->getOrderFields() contains a name => instance array with all order fields.

Field Types

  • \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\Text, simple text
  • \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\Link, a link. For the value, provide an array with a link and title key. Make sure the link is a fully qualified URL. (You can also call setLink($link) and setTitle($title) on the instance instead.)
  • \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\AdminLink, similar to the Link order field type, but the link is only available to back-end users and not the customer (on, say, a My Orders section)
  • \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\Coupon, used by the Coupons module to record the used coupon and link to its configuration.
  • \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\Currency, provided an integer value, this will format it with the current currency.

You can create your own field types too. Implement the \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\FieldInterface interface and look at the \modmore\Commerce\Order\Field\AbstractField for inspiration. Make sure that your custom class is available, for example by including it in the autoloader that you ship with a module.


Custom order fields are automatically displayed in the order view.

To show custom order fields in a “my orders” section, see the commerce.get_order snippet.