Redactor Redactor 3.x Feature Configuration Upload Filename Sanitization

On upload, Redactor will sanitize file names to make sure they’re clean.

This uses a few system settings:

  • redactor.sanitize_pattern, contains a REGEX pattern of acceptable characters. Defaults to /([[:alnum:]_\.-]*)/
  • redactor.sanitize_replace contains the value invalid characters are replaced with, defaults to _
  • redactor.translit can be set to a transliteration strategy. iconv is included; others can be enabled with a third party package such as Translit. If you’ve configured the MODX core translit setting, you can leave redactor.translit empty to inherit the same configuration.
  • redactor.translit_class
  • redactor.translit_class_path

To disable file name cleaning (which is not recommended unless you use a separate implementation), disable Clean filenames in the Media - Uploads section of the configurator.