Agenda v1 Tutorials FullCalendar Display

You could use the FullCalendar 3 script in the frontend with the following steps.

Basic Setup

First rename the file assets/components/agenda/_overview.php to overview.php. Afterwards edit it and remove the exit(); in line 12.

The Agenda backend uses FullCalendar 3 for the calendar display. You have to create a working FullCalendar script according to the documentation

Restrict the request

If you need to restict the overview connector to a special calendar, category, time range etc., you could apply your own request variables after the line 29 in the overview connector.

Call the frontend scripts

Finally you have to initialize the FullCalendar script with the following code:

    events: {
        url: 'assets/components/agenda/overview.php',
        type: 'POST',
        startParam: 'startdate',
        endParam: 'enddate',
        data: function () {
            return {
                //calendars: calendars || 0,
                //categories: categories || 0,
                //query: query || '',
                limit: 0

Maybe it is possble to make this work with FullCalendar 4 or 5, but thats not part of this instruction.