Redactor Redactor 1.x Installation

The page you’re currently looking at contains information related to Redactor 1.x. Please visit Installation for the relevant information for Redactor 2.x.

Installing Redactor is no different than installing any other package from modmore.

  • Purchase a site license by clicking “Buy Now” above.
  • Connect your MODX website to our Package Provider with an API Key
  • Open Package Management and browse to Your modmore account » Available Purchases. You should see Redactor in the list. (If not, check your purchases and make sure the invoice is marked completed, and contact contact support if it still wont show up.)
  • Click the Download button and wait for the package to be downloaded to your website. This usually takes between 5-15 seconds.
  • Close the Package Browser and find Redactor in the list of packages. Click the Install button and follow the instructions.

After a succesful installation, Redactor will be set as the default Rich Text Editor, and it will replace the content field with the Redactor editor, while enhance richtext template variables as well. You can customize behavior and looks of the editor with the many Redactor configuration options, available via System » System Settings » Redactor (in the “Namespace” dropdown, the one that defaults to “core”).

You can also create new Redactor Template Variables which are richtext Template Variables, but also offer you many of the Redactor configuration options on the TV level, offering super fine control over what the editor can do.

If at any point you get stuck installing Redactor, be sure to contact support. We’d be glad to help.