Redactor Redactor 3.x Feature Configuration Clips

Clips are pre-set elements or special characters available from a simple interface. They are configured in Text Utilities > Clips as a JSON array of arrays.

For example:

    ["Lorem ipsum...", "Lorem..."],
    ["Red label", "<b class=\"label-red\">Label</b>"]

Be sure to use “double quotes” or it will not be considered valid JSON.

Special Characters

If you want to add the ability to easily insert special characters, you can also add specialchars to your toolbar instead of using Clips. That automatically adds a special button for common special characters to insert.

Clips from 2.x

Redactor 2.x also had Clips, but with a different structure. That structure is also recognised in 3.x and will be automatically converted on save.

You can find a whole bunch of example configurations in the 2.x Clips documentation, including currency selectors and other special characters.