Formalicious Formalicious Media Sources

This extra is discontinued. It was originally built by Sterc and distributed by modmore as a Premium Extra, however in 2020 Sterc decided they can no longer offer the support required. It is no longer available from modmore, but may be available elsewhere.

Unfortunately modmore cannot provide standard support for this extra. You may request support from Sterc directly or consider booking Premium MODX Support if you need help with it.

Formalicious contains one System Setting: formalicious.source, which defaults to 1. This is the default Filesystem media source.

Set this to the media source ID you wish to use when selecting email-attachments for auto-replies.

You can find an overview of all your media sources by clicking Media Sources in the Media menu. The first column in the media sources table can be used as the ID of the formalicious.source setting.