Redactor Redactor 2.x Installation

To get started with Redactor, or one of our other Extras, you will first need to have a license available. There are several options, including buying single licenses as you go, and an unlimited license offer so you always have licenses to use. The available options and their costs can be found on the Redactor Pricing page.

When you have a license available, you will need to download the package to your MODX site. This is done using the Package Installer, which will need to connect to our Package Provider. To connect to our Package Provider, you can create an API Key in your account.

To set up the provider and download the extra, see the Package Provider page.

After a successful installation, Redactor will be set as the default Rich Text Editor, and it will replace the content field with the Redactor editor, while enhancing rich text template variables as well. You can customize behavior and looks of the editor with the many Redactor configuration options. These settings can be found on the System » System Settings page in your MODX Manager, under the redactor namespace (that’s the first dropdown that defaults to “core”). Any of these settings can also be overridden on a user group, user or context level by simply creating new settings at the appropriate level with the same setting key.

Once you have the package installed, here are some further steps you might want to take:

If at any point you have questions about Redactor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support. All license purchases include one year of support, with optional yearly renewals, and we would be more than happy to help you make the most out of Redactor.