Redactor Redactor 3.x Usage MIGX

Looking to use a rich text editor in your MIGX TV? Look no further than Redactor 3.

Standard configuration set

By following the MIGX Backend-Usage tutorial, you’ll get the default Redactor configuration set inside your form. This is because in the Form Tabs, you’ve defined "inputTVtype": "richtext" - which grabs the default editor in the default configuration.

The inputTVtype migxredactor (from v2, shipped with MIGX) also works.

MIGX-specific configuration set

To use a configuration set specific to the MIGX instance, you can use the provided migxredactor3 (note: the one with the 3 suffix!) input TV type. That accepts a configs option to provide the ID of the configuration set to use.

In your form tabs, add two things:

  • "inputTVtype": "migxredactor3"
  • "configs": id-of-configuration-set

For example, to use configuration set #12 on a description field, your MIGX form tabs configuration would look something like this:

    "caption": "Info",
    "fields": [{
        "field": "title",
        "caption": "Title"
        "field": "description",
        "caption": "Description",
        "inputTVtype": "migxredactor3",
        "configs": 12