Commerce v1 Modules Address Validation Country

Allows you to restrict orders to specific countries, or to blacklist some countries. This also validates the country, providing a field-specific error message if it does not exist. If the customer enters a country that is not allowed (it is either not on the list of allowed countries, or it is in the list of disallowed countries), then a message is shown at the top of the checkout.

Note: the basic address validation also validates if the country is valid. If you just want to make sure the provided country code is real, you don't need this Country Validation module. This module is meant whitelisting or blacklisting countries to accept orders from.


  • Allowed Countries (allowed_countries): a comma separated list of country codes that you accept orders from.
  • Disallowed Countries (disallowed_countries): Only used when Allowed Countries is not set. Specify a comma separated list of countries to not accept orders from.