SimpleCart SimpleCart 2.x Frontend Cart

The cart is probably the most important page of your webshop. For setting up your product pages to add products to the cart, see the Products Template Setup documentation.

Resources structure

It’s easiest to set up your cart and checkout resources like this:

  • Cart
    • Checkout
      • Thank you

Basic shopping cart tree setup

It’s also possible to add a confirmation page between the Checkout and Thank you page.

Setting up the Shopping Cart page

In your Cart template you will need to call the scGetCart Snippet to show the cart. This includes the functionality to update the cart, to enter a coupon code and to continue to the checkout by default.


There are a number of properties you can set on the cart snippet. Below you can find a few useful ones to template the cart.

Note: You should always duplicate the defaults and refer to those. Any changes made to the core chunks will be overwritten on upgrade.

For all properties visit the scGetCart Snippet documentation