Commerce Commerce 1.x Upgrades

As Commerce evolves, occassionally upgrading will require some manual effort. Some features may only be avaiable if you enable them, or templating changes are necessary in your custom templates.

This section of the documentation contains a list of each minor release, and the things to note when updating to that release. We recommend always checking the upgrade documentation before upgrading.

We start keeping track of changes during development, so you’ll usually see an upgrade document for a version that is not yet available.

We generally support the last two minor releases. After enough time has passed (~ a year), the 2nd last version will only receive security fixes as needed.

Upgrade to version Released Status
Commerce v1.3 TBA Developer snapshots available
Commerce v1.2 July 2021 Current stable
Commerce v1.1 August 2019 Security fixes only
Commerce v1.0 May 2019 No longer supported
Commerce v0.12 February 2019 No longer supported
Commerce v0.11 May 2018 No longer supported
Commerce v0.10 November 2017 No longer supported

While Commerce 2.0 is not yet in active development, we are already tracking the expected breaking changes here.