Formalicious v2 upgrades v2.0.0

This extra is discontinued. It was originally built by Sterc and distributed by modmore as a Premium Extra, however in 2020 Sterc decided they can no longer offer the support required. It is no longer available from modmore, but may be available elsewhere.

Unfortunately modmore cannot provide standard support for this extra. You may request support from Sterc directly or consider booking Premium MODX Support if you need help with it.

title: v2.0.x

Most upgrades are automatically applied, but sometimes you may need to update custom templates, or status configuration, to take advantage of new features or improvements. Those changes are discussed here.

File based

All default chunks except the field types are being processed file based. This means that some chunks can’t be accessed via the elements in the manager.


Some changes have been made in the naming of snippets, chunks and some placeholders to prevent overwrite off custom chunks & snippets. All default snippets & chunks are prefixed with Formalicious. Example: RenderForm is now FormaliciousRenderForm

Changed placeholders:

old new location
[[!+fieldname]] [[!+name]] All field type chunks
[[+fieldsemailoutput]] [[+emailFields]] email.chunk.tpl
[[+fieldsemailoutput]] [[+fiarFields]] fiaremail.chunk.tpl


Version 2.0.x now has permissions to manage access to parts of the form management.

  • formalicious_admin to show/hide admin panel
  • formalicious_tab_fields to show/hide fields tab
  • formalicious_tab_advanced to show/hide advanced tab

Navigation (Steps)

A navigation is now available form the form steps set in the form builder via the following placeholder [[!+formalicious.navigation]]. The default styling is Bootstrap.


FormIt 4.1.1 is required for V2.0.x to work and will automatically be installed when installing V2.0.x

FormIt parameters used to be within the form.chunk.tpl however this have been replaced by the placeholder [[!+FormItParameters]] as custom parameters and hooks can now be set within the Formalicious form builder.