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Export and Import Events

The export and import of events were introduced with Agenda 1.5.0.

To export or import the events the user has to get the agenda_export or agend_import permissions. After that an export and import button is displayed right of the create event button in the events tab of the custom manager page.

The export and import format can be set with the agenda.import_export_type system setting. The supported formats are csv, excel and yaml. The default format is csv.

The default export method will create a list of events for repeating events. If the repeating event does not have an identifier for the main event (i.e. by a field in agenda.extended_event_fields), it is difficult to reimport those events. During an import, events with the same event data will be treated as a repeating event. The repeat will be set to custom and repeat dates are set for each repeat.

The import/export methods can be overridden in a Agenda module with extended methods.