Commerce Commerce 1.x Orders Custom Fields

Custom order fields were added in v0.12. They are added to an order programmatically or through an existing module like the Basic Custom Fields module.

The basic concept of a custom order field is that it has a name, a value, and a type which is indicated by the class. A custom order field may render differently to the merchant in the dashboard, compared to customer-facing rendering in emails or templates.

Some modules store certain information in custom order fields. This includes the Coupons module, which adds a special Coupon-type order field.

Important to note: a custom order field has a max length of 190 characters. For fields that need more than that, consider a custom field type that stores a reference to a dedicated table.

Accessing custom order field values

To read the value of a custom field, you can use {{ order_fields.NAME_OF_FIELD }}, for example {{ order_fields.delivery_date }}.

You can also read all custom fields, like so:

  {% for fieldName, fieldValue in order_fields %}
    <b>{{ lex('commerce.' ~ fieldName) }}:</b>
    {{ fieldValue|raw }}
  {% endfor %}

That works in email templates as well as checkout templates.