Commerce Commerce 1.x Developer Payment Gateways SharedWebhookGatewayInterface

The SharedWebhookGatewayInterface is a specialised version of the WebhookGatewayInterface that defines an identifyWebhookTransaction method. This must be implemented by gateways that do not offer transaction-specific notification/webhook URLs, but instead have a single defined endpoint that will receive notifications for all transactions.

Table of Contents

The interface


namespace modmore\Commerce\Gateways\Interfaces;

use modmore\Commerce\Gateways\Stripe\StripeCard;

interface SharedWebhookGatewayInterface extends WebhookGatewayInterface {
     * Used for gateways that use a single pre-defined webhook endpoint (which does not include the ?transaction=ID
     * parameter in the per-transaction URL) to identify the transaction from other information.
     * This method should *not* submit/act on the transaction by itself; it should only return the appropriate
     * comTransaction record that the webhook belongs to.
     * If no transaction can be found, the method should return false.
     * For an example {@see StripeCard::identifyWebhookTransaction}
     * @return \comTransaction|false
    public function identifyWebhookTransaction();

The identifyWebhookTransaction() method will probably use $_GET or $_POST data to figure out the webhook event, and if applicable, it should return the relevant comTransaction object.

Note the identifyWebhookTransaction() method should not perform any actions on the transaction; it should just find the right one. The webhook handler in Commerce will then call your webhook(comTransaction $transaction, array $data) method (defined by the WebhookGatewayInterface) which expects a \modmore\Commerce\Gateways\Interfaces\WebhookTransactionInterface implementation to be returned.