Commerce Commerce 1.x Snippets formatter

The commerce.formatter snippet makes a collection of useful formatters available as an output modifier. Added in v0.12.

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Call as an output filter on a placeholder, providing the type of formatter you’d like to use as the options string.

[[*price_tv:commerce.formatter=`financial`]] => €12.34 
[[*retail_dicount:commerce.formatter=`percentage`]] => 1.34%
[[*enabled_or_not:commerce.formatter=`boolean`]] => Yes
[[+file_size_in_bytes:commerce.formatter=`filesize`]] => 1.2MB

The following formatters are available:

  • financial, formats an integer number according to the current currency
  • percentage, formats a decimal number with a percentage sign and optional decimals
  • boolean, returns a translated “yes” or “no” for a boolean (1/0) value.
  • filesize, returns a human readable representation of a filesize provided as an integer number of bytes
  • datetime, shows a formatted date and timestamp from a unix timestamp
  • date, shows a formatted date from a unix timestamp
  • time, shows a formatted time from a unix timestamp

When calling with an unsupported formatter, the original value will be returned.

Heads up: it’s rarely needed to use this in Commerce templates/twig, as you can already access FIELDNAME_formatted for any of the core fields that contain a value that should be formatted. So if you have a [[+price]] placeholder, for example from a get_products snippet call, you can already use [[+price_formatted]] to get the same value, formatted with the “financial” formatter. The formatter snippet is mostly available to use for values that are stored outside Commerce.

From PHP code, you can use the Commerce->formatValue method directly. For custom tables that extend comSimpleObject, define the formatter on your fields in the schema to automatically make _formatted values available to your users.


When used as an output modifier, the options contains one of the formatters listed above.

When called as a snippet, provide &input with the value you want to format and &options with one of the formatter listed above.