Open Source Extras Gitify Installation Windows

On Windows, some of the installation steps are bit more work, especially adding Gitify to your PATH variable.

This question on Stack Overflow explains the procedure of editing the PATH variable on Windows 7:

It’s common on Windows that you need to add PHP, MySQL and the Gitify executables to the PATH.

Common locations of the PHP executable on windows include:

c:\program files\php\php.exe
<ampps root>\php\php.exe


If you use MAMP Pro make sure to enable “Make this version available on the command line”:

Check this option to add the current PHP version to the system path. You verify this by checking your System PATH in Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables.

Additional Dependencies

Here are the Windows dependencies in order to get the script to execute properly. They must be installed and their bin folders have to be added to the Windows PATH environment variable in the Advanced System Settings screen:

Once those are completed, the rest of the instructions do work.