MoreGallery MoreGallery 1.x Batch Editing

MoreGallery 1.6 introduced batch actions for activating (showing), deactivating (hiding) and removing images in a gallery.

Start by ticking the checkbox shown in the top right of images. This can also be done from the keyboard by focusing on the image and hitting space. When at least one image is selected, the bulk toolbar will show up at the bottom of your screen which can be focused with alt+b.

The batch actions toolbar looks like this:

Batch actions Toolbar

From left to right, these are the provided functions in the toolbar.

  • Select all images
  • Deselect all images (which also hides the bulk toolbar)
  • Mark all selected images as active/visible
  • Mark all selected images as inactive/hidden
  • Search for tags to add or remove from the selected images (new in v1.8)
  • Remove all selected images

Keyboard users can tab through these options and execute them with space.

Batch actions are processed server-side, followed by an automatic refresh of the gallery.