Commerce v1 Payment Methods PayPal

The PayPal integration offers off-site payments with a Credit Card, or a PayPal account. Customers are redirected to PayPal to complete their payment.

Creating a PayPal Payment Method

See Payment Methods for the basics of creating a payment method.

For PayPal, you'll need to configure:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Signature
  • Test Mode

Live API Keys

To get your Live API Keys, login to the PayPal dashboard. Go to Tools in the top menu, and choose PayPal Express Checkout under Accept Payments Anywhere.

PayPal navigation

Under Integrated Carts, find the link that says Request API Signature and follow the instructions until you get the API Username, Password and Signature.

Sandbox API Keys

Login to the PayPal Developer Site, and browse to Sandbox > Accounts. Create a new account with type Business (Merchant Account). In the list of accounts, expand the merchant account and click on Profile. In the modal window, you can find the Username, Password and Signature on the API Credentials tab.

PayPal Sandbox Credentials